Friday, January 16, 2009

German Sex-Shop Bailout?

The German press is always an interesting place to pick up the latest and greatest. Today...apparently since business across the nation has been sliding terribly...the German sex shop owners and erotic film makers are now asking for state bail-out money. This is reported over in the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung.

The business geeks here in the country describe it as the "German erotic sector", which is mostly all small outfits. The bail-out just enough to keep employees on the payroll. The Queen of German sex-shops....the national folks at Beate Uhse (or Doctor Muellers)....apparently have serious problems in competition right now.

Years and years my youth...I used to hang out in Frankfurt. On a Saturday in 1979, down in front of the train station...a storefront had been gutted out. I came on a early Saturday morning to discover that the finishing touches were done, and the place was opening that morning...and it was to be a Doctor Muellers. This is basically a Walgreen's size shop...that caters strictly to lusty and sexual stuff, from toys to gifts, from magazines to unusual outfits. For a kid form Bama, this was quiet a treat to walk around and observe the German view of kinkiness. After about an hour, I'd had enough. I found myself looking at a German business journal in the early 1990s, and Beate Uhse had started selling stock in the company...and paying dividends. Things have shifted in the past ten years, I doubt that the dividend is much to brag about. I talked to a guy who had ventured downtown in the past year or two, and he indicated that the doctor's shop is still there, although it barely functions or makes a profit.

Germans are unusual at this business of sex. They live very private lives and tend to keep to themselves. They all have unusual habits and practices. The original success of Beate Uhse was based on this quiet and private life. I'm guessing alot of smaller companies compete heavily against the big-boys. Its healthy least in my mind.

As for the political boys sponsoring bailout here? I doubt it. They've got too many idiots in serious shape....and will have to be more than careful about how they throw their money around. Sex will survive....with or without Beate Uhse.....thats the one guaranteed thing.

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