Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Bad Surge

Major news this past week....the number of German kids with alcohol issues....surged again.

2008 ended up being the worst year ever.....with thousands of kids between 10 and 20 being taken to the hospital (25,700 total for the year). That’s 170 percent rise over 2000 numbers, and 11 percent rise over 2007.

The experts are standing....kinda shocked at the continuing trend with binge drinking by teenagers.

Between the age of 10 and 15.....they ended up with 4,500 kids who had to be taken into a hospital because of their alcohol poisoning. Almost half of that group....were girls.....which the experts weren’t expecting.

In my village....around four years ago....this alcohol issue became a huge issue. We had around a dozen kids between 10 and 16 who were major drunks. One of the punks got sent all the way to Finland....to some special recovery rehab unit. You have to remember....I live in a tiny village of maybe 2,000 people. So you wouldn’t expect a problem like this.

Why the trend? Alcohol became simply a simple task of acquiring and the cost factor made it cheap to buy. I can buy a bottle of the cheap apple whiskey for around $8. Add in the fact that it’s commonly accepted now and the public won’t react to the issue with any force.....and you’ve got a permanent problem.

The curious thing is that you now have kids at fifteen....an alcoholic and a loser in school....tossed out....and stuck into a job stacking shelves. Presently, I’d guess around 500k folks in Germany who are alcoholic in some fashion. If we wait ten years...add in these teenage punks.....we will easily have a million out of the 80 million who are alcoholics....then what?

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Max said...

I think your analysis is wrong. Is not so much the availability of cheap alcohol,b ut rather the softness of parenting on this issue and the amount of free time German children have (with school standards getting lower every year - though they are still higher than public schools in the US).