Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Here in Kaiserslautern….there’s one real 4-star store of a Penny’s variety…Karlstadt. It’s in the midst of town and actually in the best real estate of any store in town.

For the past six months….major stores throughout Germany have been collapsing. The bulk of bad business, extended loans, and simply downward turn in purchasing…..put them to the point of closing. Yesterday Karstadt in K-town….announced it’s impending closure….sometime in the spring of 2010.

It’s a curious thing…..after that point, unless someone moves into the building….it’s pretty much a joke in town. The REAL store at the end of K-town…is closing next summer, with a rumor of some French Wal-Mart-like operation likely to move in. Globus has parked itself at the other end of town….and it’s mostly an upgraded Wal-Mart-like operation. After that….K-town has nothing but small shops.

If you want anything of a real shopping experience….in one store….you will have to travel at least an hour to find such a shop once Karlstadt closes.

Just another sign of how K-town is sliding down into the pit of nothing.

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