Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Mercedes Day in Bama

It was a shocker today....Mercedes-Benz has decided the time is right to relocate their luxury C-class car plant...in 2014....to Bama.

The negative here is that 3,000 jobs disappear out of Baden-Wurttemberg....which has kinda irked the locals greatly.

Naturally, there was a comment or two about "quality" and the inability of Bama folks to accomplish quality work. Bama is already known for making some of best and finest bass boats on the face of the Earth....and we are very capable of using that same quality against the C-class Mercedes.

Who benefits in Bama? Well....those kindly folks in Tuscaloosa. They are likely sitting there tonight....with a case or two of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and tears rolling down their face as they know they are getting the awesome responsibility of building the C-class.

The thing about this entire deal is that basically...thanks to the weak dollar....Bama is now the Bombay of car manufacturing. Thanks to the anti-union attitude and the low cost of assembly folks....Bama is attracting manufacturing left and right.

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