Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Micky D's

It was shocking news yesterday for most Berliners...the giant of American fast food....McDonalds....announced that it plans to open a resturant at the world-famous Checkpoint Charlie. For those with barely a memory of the location...this was the entry point to leave the American sector of old Berlin and enter into the Soviet-dominated East Germany.

For twenty years...people have been waiting for something to truly happen with this site. Tourists came but it really didn't make the money or develop the block around the former checkpoint.

So this 120-seat restaurant will sit opposite of the museum dedicated to the Berlin Wall.

A number of Berliners are unhappy. The fast food empire is not totally appreciated...and some think this really makes the area "American" in nature....which alot of Germans tend to hate a label like that.

As for the site...I would guess that since day one of the wall falling...McDonalds had a plan underway to develop the site. They likely had a full-time team...sitting in a massive room....planning the acquisition and development of Checkpoint Charlie. They had to fight off four-star German gourmet restaurant establishments. They had to fight off tooty-fruity bar establishments. They had to fight off Turkish doner establishments. They probably even had to fight off herbal tea shop.

So it's coming, and the world will never be the least around Checkpoint Charlie.

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DirtCrashr said...

Heh. It's appropriate - we guarded it - and I went through it once before the wall came down.
(surfed-in through David's Medienkritik)
But the thing about Nina Hagen, that's just weird - I saw her once in concert back in '79 or so.