Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The minaret issue continues to be a major topic in Switzerland and adjoining countries. Whatever the vote episode was supposed to accomplish this past weekend….merely pumped the entire topic across most European countries.

A reminder….the Swiss didn’t outlaw Mosque construction for Muslims….what they did do….was outlaw minarets. You can build Mosques as far and wide as you want. The minaret is simply a rocket-like constructed building....whose chief purpose is to mark the most significant building in town.

The general feeling is that this is going to turn into a huge mess for the Swiss....and a number of countries are going to suggest doing the same thing. The courts are bound to wiggle into this way or another.

So, using my Bama logic....I have come to suggest a radical way of fixing the problem.....and making folks HAPPY.

In double and triple up your make the other guy shut up and quit. So I'm prepared to suggest such for Minarets.

Make them all legal and then.....encourage Minarets everywhere.

Minarets-R-Us will suddenly swoop down and become a major business.

You start to sell the following types of Minarets:

- "The Pink Lady".....a steel Minaret-missile-like in color and a parachute "dress" from the mid-point on down....with a grinning happy face.

- "Lighthouse"......a 40-foot tall Minaret with a flashing red light beacon on the be seen for miles.

- "Barber-pole Minaret".....a 50-foot Minaret with a barber strip color scheme to it.

- "Flash-Minaret"....a 50-foot structure with alternate lighting schemes every two feet and they blink at a rate of 60 blinks a minute with different colors.

- "Watermelon-Minaret".....a canon-like device built with a air pressure capability...of firing off a watermelon from the any direction for 300 feet. Have kids stand out around the structure and see who gets hit first by a watermelon.

- "Jumper-Minaret".....a 12- foot tower where you can climb to the top and just jump off into a pit of leaves.

The Muslim folks will be furious that we've taken a symbol and turned it into a joke. But the truth is that we simply took what existed, and used it for another purpose. It's not a Muslim's simply a dang tower, period.

At this point, they will realize they've lost this argument, and simply shut up.

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Rolfen said...

The Minare't chief purpose, traditionally, was for the muezzin to get on top and call people to the prayer.
Of course, nowadays we have speakers, and that is probably forbidden in Switzerland and other countries in Europe, so the remaining chief purpose of that structure would be show off.
But then, that's not exactly something new with religious buildings, is it?