Thursday, December 31, 2009

One More Christian?

In fifteen year of living in's news was the one bit that I wasn't expecting. Nina Hagen....announcing that she's become a Christian and writing a book on acceptance of Jesus.

The 54-year old rocker....had this long atheist....drugs....and various weird Indian religions. So now....she says she's permanently converted.

I'm mostly in shock. She's the last person on Earth that I'd expect on some Christian conversion. I would be curious who stood in her path and laid some wisdom at her feet. This would be the interest part to know.

Of course, like every idiot big-wig who finds some Christian path.....she has to write a book to explain things. So they say she's publishing a book in March.

Stranger things have occurred, but in my fifteen years of living Germany....this is one the top three.

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