Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Xmas Tree

I bought my Christmas tree Sunday...at the butcher’s shop. Yeah, it is a bit strange.

In my village...there are around twelve businesses in town...of which there is the butcher shop. This guy went out thirty years ago....bought around forty acres of property in the middle of nowhere....and planted around 200 Christmas trees a year.

Then come the two weeks before Christmas....he cuts them down and sells them for roughly $45 (35 Euro) each. So he’s making roughly $9k off this...with barely $500 invested in the seedlings each year.

The trick to this is to get there early....pick out the six-footer....and then tote this back home (half-a-mile away).

I used to work with a guy whose German wife convinced him it was ok to wander out in the local woods and just cut down a tree, without asking. Its a fairly risky practice....you could have the cops called on you. He’d go off and park his vehicle in the middle of nowhere....walk two miles to the tree area....and cut it when it was almost dark. I kept waiting for him to get lost in the woods and try to call one of us in the office to rescue him.

So it’s done...another year with the Christmas tree episode.

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