Thursday, July 1, 2010

A New Trend?

Kind of a least for Germans...Amazon is now (as of today) selling food via it's German website.

Yes, over 35k different items. Even beef, pork and fish.

Amazon says they have over sixty partners in this venture and it's nationwide. There's even a huge selection of wine in this deal.

The delivery side is what I found interesting via a couple of newspapers....totally free if more than twenty Euro. And if you anywhere near Frankfurt or get same-day service on delivery (if you make the order in the morning).

So imagine you've been sitting there at the office, and suddenly a friend calls and suggests a meal tonight. It's one of those friends that you'd like to impress. But you realize that you've got nothing really to cook, and you gaze at the's 10:22. Then you click on Amazon....order up an entire delivery of Italian-related products...with three bottles of wine to get your friend all happy. And it's delivered at 5PM as you walk through the door of the apartment.

Perhaps you've got a older relative with finanical issues and you'd like to make sure they have a month's load of groceries compliments of your good fortune. So you order and have it delivered.

Arrived at some camping site for two weeks? You go on-line and have a big delivery brought out to you....with the beer necessary to survive two weeks as part of the deal.

I can see this taking off and being a practical deal within three years. It is true....most folks over fifty...don't use the internet very much....but with might be an enticement to get hooked up in some fashion...just to shop.

And as for the local grocery in your village? small'll continue on because you simply prefer the place....but in large towns of six thousand....I see groceries downsizing over the next decade as this takes off.


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Genie said...

As long as it doesn't replace the village butcher and baker. I NEED that stuff fresh, good and known quality. I love my locals!