Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Little Bit of Beer Pumps Up the Economy

The Wall Street Journal pointed something on Germany that would make a true Baptist weep and cry saving an economy in some way.

Seventeen days of plain old-fashioned drinking will start up in Munich on Saturday in celebration of Oktoberfest.

Some smart economic folks sat down and figured out that a billion Euro ($1.3 dollars) will be spent within the region of Munich on food, beer, shopping, beer, transportation, beer, hotels, beer, t-shirts, and beer. Thats two percent.....of the GDP of the region. It's an unbelievable amount of money....from one party or fair or celebration.

Even if the price of beer (for a liter) has escalated up to just over $ doesn't change anything. In three years, I'm even wagering that it'll be fairly close to $12. It just doesn't matter.

Your average tourist that comes long distance to be at the celebration...will likely stay at least two nights in a local hotel. It might even be a hotel that's twenty-five miles away because everything else is rented. They will eat at least $75 worth of food over the three days there. And they will always buy one of those wannabe-a-local beer steins...just to take back home and show off as their reminder of the drunken times in Munch.

There are bus-loads of folks from regional areas four to six hours away...that will drop off 55 passengers for eight hours. The 55 folks will spend at least a hundred bucks each on food and beer, before stumbling back onto the bus at 8PM for the long drive home.

This plus-up on the economy of Germany because of beer, would worry up a true Baptist who believe in dry country living. Something about profits and such would make this a truly bad thing. But the truth is that the economy of Germany needs a little plus-up like this. In fact, if they knew they could sustain it, I'd be betting that locals would agree to a 30-day window of celebration instead of the seventeen days. But it'd take an awful lot out of the folks to party on for an extra twelve days. So you got to take what you can get.

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Anonymous said...

exactly...and the funny point is that after all of that the germans will complain about how rude and arrogant are specially the americans and the italians that...
come to Munich JUST ONLY for the Beer...

(as if there would be sooo much more to see there: historycally, Munich has only another point of interest: it was where Hitler started all....)