Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Hitler Story: Again and Again

A couple of weeks ago....some British newspapers dug up the French story of some French guy, who came to state back in the 1970s....that he was the son of Adolph Hitler.  Note, this guy has been dead since 1985.

As the 'legend' goes....this French guy was born in the spring of 1918 in France, and he is the result of some liaison between some young French gal and a young Adolph Hitler.  The kid was later given up by the French mother, and in the late 1930s....as France was invaded.....the kid ended up in the French underground....fighting the Nazis.

The curious thing about this British story, is that it usually pops up about every five years....spends maybe two weeks in the unusual news arena, and then gets dropped.

This week, another piece of the puzzle came out....some day journal of a British GI in France came to be noted.  He wrote a brief passage that they had stayed in the village where some local gal was known for having the son of Adolph Hitler.  It's two lines of text.....which really doesn't lead much to any conclusion....other than some rumor that a British soldier heard as he passed through a village.

The Hitler fascination is something doesn't ever go away....with either the Germans or the British.  I suspect that most Germans would like a conclusion.  The British?  Well....they'd like to turn the Hitler legend into some kind of soap opera and just keep bringing back up every five years because they really need more news material.  Eventually.....some daughter of Hitler will be found in France, and then some entire village with the Hitler DNA match will occur.

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