Saturday, April 21, 2012

Be Careful What You Ask For

For years and years....environmentalists in Germany had this great platform to stand upon and shout various messages via the media.  Every few months, there were dire comments made over nuclear energy and the environmentalists spoke how they dreamed of a day when nuke power was non-existent.

Well....things are going that direction, and the environmentalists are now gazing at a problem that is worse than they had before....but they have to be careful about what they say (they might actually turn a bad mess into a terrible mess).

In the old days, before the Japanese nuclear plant was damaged last year....Germany had around twenty-two percent of it's power grid covered by nuke power.  Now, since Merkel's change to a "safer" Germany without nuke power?  They've had to switch over to coal plants to make up the difference.  Germany also is in a position.....where now they are strictly a producer and user of power.....yet they used to produce, use and sell power.  They used to make enough power to sell on the side....which just doesn't happen much now.

What the environmentalists don't really want to admit to that their terrible annual carbon dioxide emissions went up around twenty-five million tons over the previous years.  (Chicago Tribune article, 20 Apr 2012).  They are now crowding around the US in the bad-boy status.

The positive side is that maybe around two decades from now....all of this solar and wind energy business may eventually catch up and cover the coal plants.  But you have to wait on this to occur.

So an American look over how this all developed and perhaps have a short laugh.  For years and years.....the media gave a great show for the environmentalists and helped to pump up the public.  So now? might be time to pull out reruns of Kojak and avoid the topic of nuke energy for a while.