Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ten Questions You Shouldn't Ask a German

I sometimes offer advice to keep them out of trouble while in the companionship of Germans. Note, I am a sarcastic kind of you have to understand my slant on things.  These are the questions that you'd be best to avoid.

1.  So, how is it in West Germany?  I understand you guys have a wall up or something.
2.  I keep hearing on CNN that you guys are does your government work then?
3.  Was your dad a member of the Nazi party?
4.  How does your free healthcare program work?
5.  So all you guys are environmentalists?
6.  Does everyone drink two gallons of beer each week?
7.  What's this 'ass fart' sign on the autobahn mean?
8.  Do they really have live sex on TV every Saturday night?
9.  Does it always rain this often?
10.  You guys don't have anything against Americans....right?