Monday, May 14, 2012

German TV News

It won't be in the big news of the day or even discussed much in business news within Germany....but Loewe AG....the big name German manufacturer of high-standard televisions in about to be bought by Apple.

The business sector says this is somewhere in the 110 million-dollar range.

What may be going down?  Apple has a project left over from Steve build this nifty mini-TV that would connect to a vast network.  Perhaps in this case....Loewe has a model which they've shown Apple, and suddenly the final piece to the puzzle is complete.

The hints to the story is that Loewe typically builds upscale products and usually has a four-star sound system built into the product.

My guess is that we are within a year or so....of having this pocket-sized device which can connect to a thousand different channels....perhaps even overseas channels.  You pay for a subscription via Apple....turn your Loewe mini-TV on, and get updates to the latest soccer scores in Amsterdam, or catch up on the weather in New Zealand.

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