Wednesday, June 27, 2012

German Men and Solutions

There's been this study done by a German health insurance group.  They came to a pretty unusual conclusion.....that German women are three times more likely to get tranquilizers, anti-depressives, and sleeping pills German men.  There's statistical data to back up their analysis, and it's bound to open up this major discussion with political folks and news media groups.  

As an American who has spent a number of years in Germany.....I profess not to be an expert on German society.  I can only report what I an American.  

The sad truth that I suspect most German men probably need the tranquilizers, anti-depressives, and sleeping pills just as much as the women, but they simply dodge the bullet.  They get off work.....walk into a pub.....order two beers and a shot of Jagermeister (70-proof), and discuss things with Kurt the bartender.  

The German guy will whine about his boss and the terrible thirty-seven hour work week that he has.  The German guy will complain about the massive traffic to and from work.  The German guy will complain about his last pay-raise.....four years ago.  The German guy will complain about his neighbor who spends sixteen hours a week working on his landscaping.  The German guy will weep over the enchanting Monika that works in the shipping department.  The German guy will cry over the squeaky sound that his brakes give now and how this will relate to a 700 Euro brake-job.  

On and on, this will go, until finally Kurt the bartender says "enough".  Kurt will give this sixty second lecture on how to "man-up" and just accept life.  Then Kurt will tell the guy to go home.

Across Germany.....every evening, there are likely three million German men who are stopping for a drink, and a lecture by their pub bartender.  They are skipping a visit to the doctor and getting a fair dose of tranquilizers or anti-depressives.

I'm not an expert on this.....but I suspect that you've got a whole bunch of unhappy folks....and just half of them are using drugs for the situation.

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