Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Vacation Voucher?

For an American, it's an idea.  Some smart guy has come out and suggested in the shadow of the Greek mess.....that the German government ought to hand out 1k Euro vacation vouchers to German citizens.

The idea that you'd apply for a voucher for you and your family, get accepted, and then sign up via some tour company for this package tour.  This 1k Euro would entice tens of thousands of Germans to suddenly do a Greek vacation, when they really don't feel like it.

Who would fund the 1k Euro package? the German taxpayer.  Somehow, in the world of economic assistance....we've come to the point where vacations might be the answer to solving problems throughout the world.

You can imagine Greek political figures hearing this.  They were anticipating cash flowing straight into their under this scenario.....the cash would flow into the private sector, and then they'd have to hope on tax revenue eventually getting to them....six months down the road.  The private sector in Greece, which is in terrible condition.....would likely get a boost in the arm, at the right moment.

The possibility of this passing?  Zero.  I can't see any German political figure being serious about this on some TV show and explaining how the German government would go full blast at vacation vouchers.  If this was such a good idea, then next year you can issue vouchers for Spain, and the following year.....for Italy.  German national policy would turn into some vacation policy, saving government after government. Eventually, Germany would need a national cabinet minister for vacations, and his entire job would be traveling all year round....talking up Germans going on vacation.

I's a whacked-up world we live in.

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