Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not Really News

For Americans who travel around tend to notice....especially during fests and outings in any major German city....that German men tend to relieve themselves in public a good bit.  Yes, they walk up to a building, turn and face the up and pee right there.  In Munich....during October Fest, you can stand and watch twenty thousand men a day do it.

Well....there's some odd news that some folks have developed this pocket urinal and it's intended purpose is for guys to face the building now and just pee into this plastic baggy, then cap it, and toss it into the garbage can.  Course, you can imagine a drunk guy....first having to pull this baggy out....figure out how to open it.....then ensure his device is inserted into the opening, and then relive himself while holding onto the baggy with one hand, holding onto his device with another hand, and balance himself against the wall with another hand.  Hmmmm.....well.....yeah, there might be too many hands in my scenario, and I even left out the part where the other hand was holding the precious beer.

This item popped up on The Local, and I can appreciate a German sitting and thinking about this problem in great depth.  The problem is.....a drunk guy just doesn't appreciate a baggy approach.  And then some guy....a third-world guy probably.....has to come up tomorrow and pick up garbage from that can.  The odds of the container leaking?  Figure at least a ten percent chance.

Finally, you have to ask yourself.....did they even make the baggy big enough?  A German guy tends to drink alot.  So you can imagine this drunk guy getting to a point where he thinks the baggy is full.....then caps it, and then relives himself the rest of the way against the wall.

Frankly, I just don't see this item making a big public success.  Besides, then we wouldn't have this public urinal smell around during fests.

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