Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Mafia Story

There was a story out of The Local this week.....over the Social Democrats in Bavaria announcing that they had this Italian Mafia problem in Bavaria.  Course, this meant the SPD coming out in favor of bumping up the German cops and their capabilities in Bavaria, which hadn't been that much of a priority with them before.

I gazed over the story.  To be kinda honest....the Italian Mafia have been a presence in Germany for at least three decades, and maybe even going back to the 1950s.  If you wanted drugs or a hit, or something of an illegal nature....who else would you call?

My suggestion for the to gaze around all of Germany and come to a new discover that you've got Russian Mafia, Romanian Mafia, Italian Mafia, Bulgarian Mafia, Ukrainian Mafia.....maybe even Turkish Mafia and Serbian Mafia.  It's a quiet situation.  I admit, if you live in Trier....other than drugs floating through the local area, you probably won't notice any real Mafia groups.  Go over to places like Frankfurt or've various elements at work.

So when you hear these stories about Mafia being discovered in Germany....don't get all worried, it's been there for a fairly long time.  There's not a vast drug situation in they can only grow to a certain extent in that direction.  Corruption and protection money?  Well....yeah, there might be a fair amount of that, but you just aren't going to see much of it.  Life goes on.

And those cops in Bavaria?  I'm pretty sure they will get another hundred cop positions and some fancy computers....but it really won't do much in the fight on the Mafia.

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