Friday, September 14, 2012

Moving Within Germany

I finally put my old house out of commission....moving everything a new house in the Wiesbaden area.  I came to grasp a number of things on the moving process within Germany.

First, if you intend to move in the summer months and want to use a moving'd best talk with them at least six to eight weeks prior to the move.  The other nine months of the year? could call them up with two weeks notice, and arrange for the movers.

Second, this Ikea furniture which you may have purchased two or three years ago.....and comes apart.....well, you might as well toss that into the dumpster.  It just doesn't go back together the way it was before.  I'm not much of a Ikea furniture fan at this point.

Third, if you don't own a cordless screw-driver.....then buy one....because you will need it.  My recommendation is the Borsch IXO, which runs around 65 Euro.  There are a thousand things you have to take apart  and put back up.

Fourth, if you have anything for the garbage guys to pick up in excessive's best to discuss this with them at least four weeks ahead of time.  Don't count on any "quick" reactions within a ten-day period.

Fifth, go ahead and plan on hiring a clean-up team at the end to really clean up the mess you made in the old house.  Yes, it will take two people an entire day to clean up, but it's worth it.

Sixth and final.....moving from one residence to another in Germany.....isn't cheap.  So figure you'd best have some cash accumulated and be willing to toss it into the episode.

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