Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Bus Ban Story

In about a hundred days....long-distance bus-travel in Germany will finally become a reality.  A ban....existing since the early 1930s....will be lifted.  The end result will be that bus routes will start to exist with private companies.  So you might be living in a town of six thousand people and there's suddenly four bus trips a day that run from your town for 75 minutes....up to the shopping district of Mainz.

It's a mixed opinion on how successful the lifting of this ban will be.  Some folks are predicting a sudden growth of private bus companies, and major bus purchases in 2013 as part of the lifting of the ban.  There's also this opinion that smaller villages and towns might suddenly see more of their local businesses lose ten percent of their customer base.

Right now, I think the sudden least in the first sixty days will be major bus runs from one major Frankfurt.  You can figure one pick-up in Koln along some large parking strip on the outskirts of town, and delivery to the Frankfurt shopping district, the Frankfurt airport, and some big mall area in the Frankfurt area.

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