Sunday, October 28, 2012

Introduction to Stollen

The season has already started in Germany.  You can now buy your stollen.

If you march into any German grocery, or most bakeries....they've all got an abundant supply to sell you.

What is stollen? It's a fruit cake, with some type of dried fruit in it, and loaded with sugar of some type (could be powdered sugar or icing sugar).  It's sold only around Christmas time (usually starting in September for most folks).

I will offer these observations.  First, it does amount to a number of one slice along with a cup of coffee is all you really want.  Second, it's got plenty of sugar in you might want to limit yourself. Third, you tend to be overwhelmed if you buy the big tin container of the stuff, and it's just two of you to share it for the next two or three weeks.

Cost?  The smaller loaf can be around three to four Euro, and it's enough for two people to enjoy for one afternoon.  The bigger tins?  They run in the fifteen Euro range.  The tin that's leftover.....usually is a great container for gifts to someone next year.

Getting to a point of hating stollen?  Well....usually by Xmas....everyone will admit they now hate the stuff and would prefer never to see it again.  For an American, two or three slices of the stuff in an afternoon will fill you completely, and you can probably skip dinner.

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