Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Lil Naurod"

This past summer, I launched my mission to close down the home in K-town, and move to the wife's 'homestead' in Naurod (a humble village outside of Wiesbaden).

What can I say about the village?

Well...fifty years ago, Naurod was mostly a town of working class folks who settled there to live fifteen minutes away from Wiesbaden.  It was quiet.  Most homes were regular houses...owned by carpenters, accountants, and working-class people.

Today?  Naurod is mostly a 'burb' of Wiesbaden, and probably half of the population are folks of fairly upscale means.  Homes have been remodeled and renovated....likely now valued at half-a-million Euro or more.  There might still be working-class people in the village....but they are being challenged on all fronts.

The added features?  Two banks (not that it's changed in thirty years anyway), a grocery, a drug store, a butcher shop, a gas station, a baker, a flower shop, a regular German restaurant  an Italian pizzeria, a pizza-delivery service, a old-fashioned TV sale/installation shop, a computer repair shop, and a pub.  To be honest, you really wouldn't ever have to leave the village unless you needed to buy shoes or clothing.

It's not a place where you'd notice crime.  They have a couple of homeless guys who sleep out under the RV's (not that you'd worry about them freezing in the winter).  The town's one big upscale offering is an international school where the high-class kids of international folks attend.

Public transportation?  They actually run buses every twenty minutes from roughly 5AM to almost midnight (note, I said almost).  You hop on, and in fifteen've reached the main train station of Wiesbaden, and eight minutes later....the main bus station of Wiesbaden.

The rumors around such a town?  Well....some folks say that the only reason that the town has 5-star DSL because so many of the Channel Two state-run TV network executives live in the town.  True?  It's hard to say.  Just because five or six of the big-name executives live there....might mean something. Course, maybe there's only two of them.  You just don't know.

The village has a selling point, in being fairly scenic and cratered like a valley....with houses rising on the hills.  Course, a guy who grew up there in the 1950s would come back and be shocked over the value of homes and how the city became a magnet for the upper-class of Wiesbaden.  The little village....really isn't little.

So, if you are an American happened to get assigned to the Army operation out around Wiesbaden, and you just accidentally got a rental house in just might thank your lucky stars to be in such a nifty place.  It's a town where you could walk your dog at midnight, and the worst threat you might encounter is a stiff cold breeze, and climbing the hills around the village.


Anonymous said...

Great description of Naurod. Lived in the blue house across from Tengelmann in 1968

Anonymous said...

Lived at 26 Jasminstrasse from 96-98. We lived upstairs and downstairs was a smaller attached apartment. The folks who lived there were Ivo Brkic and his wife, two children, and mother-in -law. I miss the life there. So peaceful and so much history... I want to go back eventually. Maybe stay at a hotel nearby and go to Kellerskopf and Weiss Ross.