Friday, November 30, 2012

Public Consumption

One of the things that an American comes to grasp after a year or two in that public consumption is generally an accepted thing.  It can be at a train station, a park in the middle of town, or a stand there in the Christmas market of a city.

Beer is beer.  It's a part of German life.

Well....yeah....there's a fair number of drunks wandering around in public as well.  One would have to admit that too.  No one gets really hostile about it.  It's better to have a drunk walking around, rather than driving around.  And most Germans are quiet aware of the massive loss of your license if you are caught moving a vehicle while in a drunken state.

Growing up in the south as kid, you generally had your booze only if consumed at a bar or in a private residence.  So for an American, it is a bit of a change to view consumption in the open.

After a while, you come to realize that beer is about the only thing that gets consumed like this in a public forum.  Wine drinkers tend to desire a pub setting or a restaurant.  And mixed-drink folks just aren't in abundance in Germany.

In this time of year....around starts to fall into second place as gluh-wine takes up the status as the primary drink around the markets.  The advantage?  It's warm, full of sugar, and hits the spot quickly.  It's nothing to sit there and go through two of these in ninety minutes.  Course, your alcohol level is fairly high by that point, and your sugar level is likely to a over-dosed point.

So my general advice to Americans newly arrived and a bit overcome by this public consumption act.....get used to it.  Germans aren't about to change.  

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