Friday, December 7, 2012

End of FT

Financial Times (FT) of finally calling it quits.  For thirteen-odd years....they had carried out daily reporting of business in Germany and the investment updates.  Now, it's gone.

What happened?  The best that anyone can say is that they simply didn't get the level of subscriptions and advertising that they needed to survive.  Reports from the media indicate that they had around three-hundred to four-hundred employees, which tends to cost a fair amount of compensation on a monthly basis.

If you were interested in daily finance news of Germany, this was the best publication for surveying the status and updates of finance.  It's a pretty big step down with them gone.

I'm of the mind that someone will end up with twenty-five of their employees and start an on-line service within a year....with you paying a monthly fee and getting a pdf copy each morning.  It won't be as comprehensive, but it'll sustain itself in the end.  The problem with a small nation of eighty that there's not as many folks interested in business news.  You could walk around your village of 2k people and find there's just one or two homes that got a daily copy of the FT.  That kinda says something.

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