Sunday, December 30, 2012

German Gun Statisitics

With this new fancy digital database in Germany.....the cops can say fairly accurately what the real numbers are for Germany.  One of each 80 Germans.....owns a gun.  On average....he's got around five weapons in his possession....more or less.

What is curious about the new that the Interior least on public record....had thought the national numbers were much larger.  Some speculation was in the five to ten million guns.

But there's another piece to this story....if you dig into the various news organizations and how they report this.  There are 551 'counties' in Germany.....which would each report to this new national digital database run by the Interior Ministry.  Well....some haven't done it yet.  How many?  We aren't getting that kind of information.  Reasons for the delay?  I'm guessing they put only a small amount of effort into this, and it might be weeks or months before they accomplish the action.

Numbers changing?  Yeah......I might expect it to go up by ten percent or more.  If some of these counties remaining are in might go up by twenty percent.

So as you walk around Germany on a average summer day, and bump into two hundred can figure at least two own guns.  The percentage being male or female?  Don't know....the Interior Ministry haven't broken down the numbers.  I'd be guessing the vast majority are male, and probably less than five thousand women in Germany with ownership of a weapon.  Just my humble opinion.

Safer now?  If you think that.....great.  The numbers really don't change much of anything.

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