Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not the Regular Boy Meets Girl Story

It's one of those dozen odd stories you come across each year in Germany, that makes you shake your head.

In the European world....Tetra Pak is this Swedish company that built itself up into a huge operation....making the owners millions.  Their business is a packaging company. the top of this organization was a milioniare married couple.  The lady? Eva Rausing....a German gal....forty-eight years old.  The cops apparently finally found her....dead in some London upper-class neighborhood apartment. Death from cocaine.  She'd been dead for two months....just laying there in the apartment.  Case got presented into an English court this week.

What the cops say is that the husband was there at the time of death, and he simply hid the body.  The husband, Hans Kristian Rausing....says that he was all doped up at the time of her death and under some drug influence.  He just couldn't remember her death.  Luckily, the mental health guys say he was all traumatized by this and that would naturally explain why he just left her body there in the London apartment.

How did the couple meet (going back over thirty years ago)?  Well....the media says it was love at first sight at some rehab clinic where they met.

It's probably deserving of some four-star movie effort....boy meets girl at match....millioniares with tons of cash....doping up for most of their lives....and guy just dumping the wife's body in the apartment and walking away because of 'trauma'.  The court will absolve the guy of any real crime....just bad luck and a bit of cocaine.

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