Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nuke Power and the Future?

There's a commission that runs the grand transition of Germany's nuclear-power dominated grid....over to the renewable energy grid.  Most Germans will admit that renewable energy has moved along over the past decade.

This week....the commission came out and finally said that they really don't think the intended target.....where they actually turn nuclear power off and rely upon hydroelectric, coal, and renewable energy.....is a safe target anymore.  The bottom line of their report?  Unless there are now additional actions taken by the Bundestag.....there's a major problem coming up as nuclear power is turned off.

The major suggestion out of this commission is that energy efficiency in buildings really need to be addressed now.  More efficient boilers....more insulation....more solar on the roof, etc.

The actual result if things aren't speeded up?  Well....the government has told the nuclear operators to go and prepare for a turn-off point in the future.  So they are planning and taking all the actions you'd expect.  If something occurs in five years.....where you realize that nuclear power can't be dismissed so easily....then the nuclear operators will smile and hold out their hand for a massive pay-off.  They can ask pretty much anything they want, and I suspect that the German government will have to agree to these stipulations.

Power bills going up?  Yeah.....I'd start to calculate on a thirty percent spiral in five years that occurs fairly quickly and disturbs everyone.  But the real question here is why everyone in the German government ...from the left to the right....jumped on this renewable train, without thinking about consequences or real numbers?   They all looked great while talking renewable and green power.  But in the end.....it was mostly talk to make voters happy.

So as you drive around the German countryside in five years and observe those nuke plants still in operation.....you might understand why they haven't gone into the mothball status, and why Germans grumble about the higher electrical rates.

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