Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Private Ownership Deal

A privately owned Bahn or Deutsche Post or Telekom?

There's a political discussion underway which would pave the way....probably 2014 or 2015.....into an auction or private ownership deal.

The results?  Well.....the political and economic folks all think it'd be best for the public if the government wasn't running or pumping money into the operations.

The real logic?  Well....basically....after the great would think tax relief would come because no government involvement in the operations.  I would not be so quick to say that.  Taxes likely stay the same and the government just grins when they admitted they saved money but can't show where the savings went after the cut.

The Bahn operation?  Tickets would likely immediately go up by fifteen to twenty percent because of infrastructure costs.  My own humble guess is that most tickets would run forty percent more within three years.  The folks who wanted everyone to flip from driving their car into work.....will be shocked when its cheaper to drive than take the train.

The Post?  I would imagine that postal operations go up by thirty percent within three years.  Better service?  No....just less service.

The telephone operation?  Same way.

The likely chance of this happening?  I have a problem seeing it passed in 2013.  Within six will likely pass, and most Germans will eventually grumble over the results.

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