Sunday, January 27, 2013

Radiation Worry

In the days after the Fukushima nuclear episode in Japan....the Germans went into a 24-hour a dya news cycle over the event, and the vast amount of danger from nuclear reactors.  There's an odd thing from this whole episode....not only did the Germans go negative about nuclear energy, but they also went negative about any travel to Japan.

The Japanese travel guys....were typically expecting some recovery to happen....that a year or so later....German tourism of Japan would pick right back up. hasn't happened.

So the Japanese finally got smart, and invited at their expense....a German nuclear expert from the University of Hanover.  The guy?  Rolf Micheal.

Rolf arrived and went into a travel status....probably bringing his own meter device with him and testing just about everything he saw.

No real difference around common areas of Tokyo compared to Germany.  Rolf comes and states this as public information.  But there's this odd delivery of the information involved.  Rolf says....just in general....when you talk natural radiation....Japan has less than Germany.

A German would listen to this and scratch his what are you saying....that Germany has a good bit of natural radiation....that we suck up and breathe each day?  Yeah.

Rolf also acknowledged that the food supply does have a little bit of radiation, but it's nothing much to be worried over.

Will this change German perception?  For the guy who has been thinking over a trip to Japan for a decade and finally has the cash and time to do might help.  Most Germans will still state some fear and anxiety over radiation.  And some folks just might take Rolf's comments and start asking stupid questions over natural radiation in Germany....with a new fear.   

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