Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The German Facebook Study

There was a study by two German universities....over Facebook.  Now, you have to sit back and pause over the results, and remember....these are Germans who analyzed Facebook, with a set list of observations by their own view of things.

What a lot of Americans may not realize about that there is always a level of competition going on....between people at the office and friends around the neighborhood.

So the study came to this conclusion....Facebook is making people miserable.  Course, you'd ask some questions over how?

Well...the Germans found that people would go off and do a vacation, and post photos afterwards.  Then the friends, relatives and neighbors who were connected to them on Facebook....would get jealous or envy the people who just returned.

Then this study spilled over into women being jealous of women who maintained their looks....into their late 30s.

So the conclusion by this German study is that Facebook creates a stressful atmosphere....not by intention but likely so by accident.

It's an interesting study, which I would agree with.  It's hard to say if there's a lot of positives over Facebook.  It does generate interest, but like the study might be negative interest.

Does it change anything about Facebook use in Germany?  No.  At least in the short run, I'd expect things to continue at the same level.  Some folks might wise up and put fewer photos up, or just quietly mention that they returned from a Thailand trip.

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