Sunday, January 13, 2013

The PowerPoint Dilemma

The Stuttgart Zeitung presented an interesting article....PowerPoint does not replace the presentation of art.  It's a interesting piece.....written by a German...over the the conflict of PowerPoint 

PowerPoint is consumed by criticism....even by the Germans.

There are probably a thousand German professors who look at the tool of PowerPoint, and comment on how it has screwed up more presentations than helped them.

Germans view technology with more of a questionable view than an absolute positive view.  Technology is supposed to aide you in progressing ahead of your issues.  It's not supposed to hinder you.

A true PowerPoint presentation....operates around the idea of getting some vision in front of the audience, and making them feel comfortable with the objective.  It's not supposed to be a true sales job.  It's the person telling the story that matters...not the PowerPoint presentation itself.

At the end of your presentation, there is this element of the argument that exists.  PowerPoint can't get you beyond that fact....only your words and conviction will do that.

Sadly, a human being is still the selling point....something that software can't replace.  A German interpretation 


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