Sunday, January 20, 2013

What German Companies Make Up the DAX?

As an American, I'll lay out the thirty companies and give some explanation over their business empire:

Volkswagen: Cars (naturally)

SAP: the major software manufacturer of Germany.... although mostly into business-related applications

RWE: the major utility company of Germany

Lufthansa: the national airline

Deutsche Post: the national post office and also a banking system as well

Deutsche Telekom: the national telephone company

Deutsche Bank: the national bank of Germany, since 1870, and based out of Frankfurt

Bayer: the asprin guys who also make numerous other drugs

BASF: an industrial giant that gets into chemicals

BMW: the car guys

Adidas: the tennis shoe and sports clothing company (course, most of what they make comes out of Asia)

Commerzbank: a national bank

E.ON: a national utility company

Fresenius: a health company

Fresenius Medical Care: health products company

Daimler: the Mercedes folks

Siemens: been around since 1847 and a electronic/electrical giant

Heidelberg Cement: Since 1874, they are the largest cement company in Germany

Henkel: 47k Germans work for Henkel, which produces home products (soap, cleaner, etc)

Infineon: One of the youngest from the DAX (1999 established), they are into the semi-conductor business

Deutsche Borse: the Wall Street company of Germany (Frankfurt)

Allianz: a national insurance company

Beiersdorf: running out of Hamburg, they make and market personal care products (lotions, creme, soap, etc)

The Linde Group: Combined to do gas products and engineering.  Been around since 1874

Merck: originally established in 1668 and does mostly the drug business

ThyssenKrupp: the German steelmaker, which runs into economic issues on a quarterly basis, but it's been around since 1891

Lanxess: Chemical, plastics, and rubber products.  Been around less than a decade

K und S: a chemical and salt related company, based out of Kassel, Germany

Munich Re: an insurance giant out of Bavaria

Continental: They manufacture car parts

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