Monday, February 18, 2013

Amazon and It's Weekend

No shock.  Amazon fires its security staff (the Hess guys), over this four-star PR adventure that has gone on now for almost ten days.  They are careful about saying anything bad over Hess....but it's best for them to move on.

There's some indications that Amazon will continue to check out the pay and complaints of the temp workers that triggered the recent negative publicity.

But this is also bringing out some discussions among Germans over the whole trend of cheap labor, cheap products, and minimum wage.  It's a messy deal, because for several decades....the unions, the political parties, and the established direction was to avoid rocking the boat.

It's best not to bring up the 400-Euro jobs, the lack of a minimum wage, and all the complaints by German employees over little to no pay-raises except every five to ten years.  I would imagine that this year's election topics will eventually pick up the Amazon discussion, and drag this out for some political gains (mostly against the CDU).

As for the new security folks with Amazon?  We don't know their dress and attire yet, but if I were a betting man....I'd be guessing on plain white shirts, nice plain ties, and blue pants, with no hats.

I wish the Amazon guys luck....but you'd best start thinking over how you hire up for the Christmas season of 2013, and avoid any hassle.  And it'd be best to forget about bringing in Spanish workers this time around.

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