Saturday, February 23, 2013

German Story Out of the US

It's rare that a German story comes out of eastern Tennessee.  But this happened.

There's this German family who packed up and left Germany, and want the US to give them asylum.  The reason?  Well....they want to home-school their kids.  By German just can't do that kind of thing.

The current status?  Things aren't going well, and the US might just deport the family back to Germany.  The US Court of Appeals will hear out the entire case in April, and likely render a verdict by mid-summer.

The German government won't argue about this have to attend a state-run school or a privately run and accredited school.....nothing else is acceptable.

The family?  It's safe to say that they are fairly religious in nature, and really disagree about the methods of the state-run schools.  Religious groups in Germany over the last two decades have picked up steam, and there's some negative feelings from a small segment of German society (my humble guess is around 200k Germans would like an option for home-schooling).

This German family in the US, the Romeikes?'s hard to say if the court might appreciate their situation, or the general nature of German schools.  I'm guessing the German Ministry of Education will be asked to send some explanations....maybe even have a person there from the German State Department.

The initial part of their case went fairly well....with commentary of course by one judge that said all this action by the German education folks seems to be from the Nazi era.  You can imagine the German government reading that and getting a bit hyper....because they've worked hard to avoid the Nazi image over the past fifty years.

It'll be curious if their case is knocked down and they are told to pack up and leave the US.  Course, in Tennessee, there's a half-million folks who'd generally drive up....pick up the family and hide them in the boonies of Tennessee for the next twenty years (the way of folks in that state).  Generally, when Tennessee folks disagree with the law.....they have their own method of fixing things.

Meanwhile.....the American media ponders over Nazi-concepts in education and asks stupid questions.  None of this helps the German image.

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