Monday, February 25, 2013

Mit Freundlichen Grüßen

Germany has a number of entertainers that Americans might have heard about.  Generally, Heino (Henz Georg Kamm) isn't a guy that you hear much about today.  At age 74, you'd generally put him into the category of being retired.

He typically works around the schlager music scene of Germany.  For those not familiar with schlager's the German version of ballads and pop....generally about some love lost, emotions in life, or sentimental stuff.

To be kinda honest here.....schlager music is not that popular with Germans under the age of forty.  It's glory era was probably the 1960s and 1970s.  There are top-ten lists for schlager music, and a number of dedicated radio stations which carry it across the nation.  Out of eighty million Germans....I'd make a humble guess that eight million routinely listen to it.

So here is Heino, who got started in 1961...going through several marriages.  Some German journalists would accurately say that Heino has had at least three different comebacks in his career.  This year?  Another comeback, of an odd nature.

Heino reached into his backpocket and pulled out some tunes from punk, hip-hop, and hard-rock groups.  For an American.....this would have been like Johnny Cash pulling hits from Lady Gaga, Fifty-Cent, and Aerosmith......then delivering them in the typical Johnny Cash style.  Well....Heino did the same thing.

The curious thing is that the public is now shocked and actually listening to the tunes.  Heino is back into the top ten, and crossed over the schlager music line into regular pop music.  He's on the list to appear on a number of TV shows for the next month or two, and might achieve his best comeback yet.

Another comeback in ten years?  You never can tell with Heino.  He might still have one or two comebacks left in him.

The album of these latest tunes....if you were looking?  Mit Freundlichen Grüßen.

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