Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Rabb Factor

It's an odd story and I don't how the political folks ever came around to this idea or how it developed.

Someone wanted to start preparing for debates between the SPD candidate for Chancellor (Steinbruck), and Frau Merkel (the CDU candidate).

Course, you need a moderator.  Typically, you'd pick someone from ARD or ZDF....some respected guy that everyone would agree with.

For some odd reason, the first guy tossed into the hat for moderator.....TV entertainer Stefan Raab.  Steinbruck apparently jumped quickly to say "NO", and it appears that Robb is out totally (neat how it relates to his show....TV Total).

The best description of Rabb would be a fairly intelligent guy, who spent a couple of years as a a Jesuit school.  He took up the trade of butcher....for a very short period. Then went off to university to be a lawyer where he just plain got tired of the school business, and then ended up as a TV moderator.

If you had to pick anyone who is a bit cynical and likely to ask some fairly unusual questions....Rabb would be that guy.  The curious thing is that the younger generation of Germany are fairly attached to Rabb and he probably could turn 500k votes pretty easily.

Frau Merkel didn't have any criticism of Rabb...which makes this story just a bit more interesting   She was willing to enter the snake-pit, and get some fairly unusual questions.  You can't say that for the SPD guy.  

Here's my humble bet.  Wherever they have this initial debate....I'm willing to lay odds that Rabb will twist every arm possible to be seated in the audience, and if they allow for audience questions....he will get to the way or another.  So Steinbruck may not have seen the last of Rabb.  Just my humble opinion.

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