Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Import of Nurses?

I doubt if it'll be mentioned much in German press....but there's an interesting little story on the shortage of nurses in Germany and where this is going to lead.  There's a German effort underway....very quietly....to fix an agreement with the government of the Philippines.   This deal will eventually lead to Filipino nurses getting contracts and green-cards....and going into Germany.

The big point to this happening...is an agreement where the Germans will merely say that the incoming Filipino nurses won't be treated as second-class employees and get the common German privileges.

The number involved?  No one is saying much on that from either government.  I doubt if we are talking about hundreds....it's more likely to be thousands.

What Germany will quietly admit in public is that they've got a problem in getting trained nurses, and then retaining them....especially in public clinics and hospitals.  The better and more qualified nurses have figured out the routine....go to private hospitals or clinics, or go overseas to countries that will pay a better wage.

So the public view presently is that things are OK but Germans are also asking questions over the qualifications of these foreign nurses.  I would imagine that this forcing the German education folks to admit that some foreign education and certification processes.....are just about the same as the German standards.  Ten years ago....you would have never heard such a comment.

Where does this lead?  There are various IT professionals being brought into Germany already because they don't have enough engineers and technicians.  The nursing field is simply a progression of this trend.  Doctors from foreign countries have already been given a green light and that trend is progressing.

 My humble bet here is that around half of the incoming Filipino nurses will likely be married within four years....to German guys, and become permanent residents.

Why nursing isn't stressed more in grade-schools and more opportunities created for German high-school kids to get into the field....I can't figure that one out.  I believe this import deal....is going to be a permanent solution to a big problem.

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