Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Political Analysis of the Anti-Euro Party

In the last couple of days....the Anti-Euro Party has come out and will attempt to make into the fall German election.

The curiosity to the party?

Here's the thing.  Normally in an German election....there's around three major topics, and maybe another five that journalists will throw out there weekly to show a wide variety of reasons why this party and its theme matters more than the opposition parties.

Well....the Anti-Euro Party has only two or three central themes, and that's it.

They really don't want to help out Greece or any other European country in desperate economic times.  They also think the Euro has proven to be fairly negative and it's to revert back.

If you look at the five or six other parties....they tend to have various themes.  They'd prefer that this election not be about the Euro or being anti-Europe.  You don't want a central theme that only revolves around those two ideas.  It hurts the SPD, the CDU, the FDP, and even the Greens.  It even hurts the Linke Party.

So what happens if they can get the 2k signatures in each state and by July.....get half the voters focused only on anti-Europe talk and dumping the Euro?  There's this shock value of them moving up and getting this entire election to be only two topics, and basically taking a good portion of votes from everyone else.

Most journalists will tell you that this shouldn't happen, and the party ought to draw five to seven percent at best (the German journalists haven't trashed the party, but they are asking for more platform information, and I doubt they get it).

For an American.....this would turn into a rather odd election.  It's hard to imagine a new party appearing out of nowhere and staging a massive twist in public sentiment.

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