Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Jenke Experiment

RTL is the commercial network in Germany....that tends to do a bit of reality shows....and has a history of going out on the limb with some ideas.  So they've come to a new concept...."What If".  The idea is....what if you were now an old pension guy....what kind of world would you live in?

So RTL has this guy....Wilmsdorff Jenke (a moderator).....who goes to the extreme for each show.

The episode which has bothered the authorities a the first one which discusses alcoholism in Germany.  Jenke has gone to the extreme of intentionally getting drunk each day of the week, and simply has a camera following him around while he does his normal stuff.  They avoid cars, because it'd just just make a big issue.

They've started with this alcohol business for episode one, and it's gotten folks upset.  Even the national health minister commented that this is in poor taste.

Episode two coming up?  The old-pension guy episode.  After that?  The poverty episode.  The fourth episode?  The sex episode.  They haven't said what the sex episode is about and it might invite a bunch of questions.

The networks have always had reporters commenting on such issues....but they've rarely dressed the reporter up and had them go for an entire week in such a state of mind....with cameras following the guy completely.

Viewers?  RTL typically falls behind ZDF and ARD (the state-TV guys for the majority of shows).  For some odd reason, I'm betting that the attention RTL is getting for this show....pushes them ahead on this time-slot.

As for bad taste?  All you have to do is stand in the middle of a pub area of any significant town in the middle of a June Saturday afternoon, and watch drunk folks walk around left and right.  As long as they aren't one says much.  I think Jenke's experiment here is discuss the health aspects and how these folks are screwing up their livers eventually.

Interesting TV.....if you ask me.

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