Sunday, April 14, 2013

Alternative fuer Deutschland

The newest political party on the German scene is now progressing out with three leaders to capture the public's impressions.

At the top?  Frauke Petry.  She's one of the three, and stands more as a scientist than a political front least in my humble opinion.  She's an engineer by trade, and grew up in Dresden.  She's put together her own company, and ventured out into the capitalist world.  She's not a bold impressive political individual, but she can certainly carry her weight in a debate.  Talking to the public and using a common sense approach....she might be able to convince ten percent of the public into voting for the party.

The current agenda of the party?  They need to get 2k signatures in each state to move onto the next step....the election.  Generally, the public is asking questions and latching onto the whole question of the Euro and it's possibility of failure.  The party's position is that returning to the Deutsche Mark...makes perfect sense.

The odds of any partnership deal?  I think neither the SPD or CDU really want to imagine such a position for themselves and being forced to consider it.  

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