Friday, April 5, 2013

The Smell of Trouble in Cyprus

The investigation folks have arrived at various banks and gather data to understand who did what, and how.

Well....there's this odd piece to the story coming out.  The investigators came to two computers....which would have had data to explain the purchase of 2.5 billion Euro in Greek bonds back in this 2008 period. There's some massive deletions in the area that would have told the story of the bond purchases.  The odds of such a mass deletion being an accident?  Zero.

Some people are simply covering their trail and figuring that no one will ever come to figure out the black pit method of dumping the money into Greece.

There's other concerns now brewing....over bank employees who probably will be let go, and if their pension fund is still in existence.  You can imagine the tension....showing up.  Being told nothing.  Expecting a pink-slip anyday now, and then realizing that whatever you put into the retirement fund over twenty years is gone.

You can sense that the little guy in Cyprus is now realizing the impact, and that life just isn't going to be the same anymore.

The Cyprus Mail....the leading newspaper on the reporting the government now prioritizing and pushing out as much mental health assistance as possible for the public.  There's this growing feeling of despair, and people in need of some psychological help.

To show just how bad this has gotten....they've split the mental health assistance up....between kids and adults.  There's a growing problem with kids now realizing that stability is gone, and the parents are in a pretty desperate mess.

Banks are operating....but it's just not what you'd call normal business. And it may an entire generation before regular business returns.

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