Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Amazon Woes in Germany

With all the troubles from back in December with Amazon there in Germany.....you would have thought that they would have been working hard to stay out of the press.  This week?  Amazon workers are talking strike.  They want real wages.

The union says (compliments of the AP reporting) that employees want holiday, weekend, and evening pay....which would add up to roughly $11k more per employee a year (figuring the average I suspect).

Amazon picked the two locations for their warehouse operations in Germany....because of high unemployment, and low wages for the local area.  Getting tangled up into an $11k raise situation isn't going to be high on the priority list.  I'm suspecting the best they might agree to is something around $3k.

More warning strikes?  It's a one-day deal now.  I suspect that they need to get this wrapped up by October, because you don't want a one-day strike occurring every week in the Christmas season.

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