Friday, May 24, 2013


For over a day now, I've been observing this Muslim killing in London of the British soldier.  In the UK, it is number one news and being discussed by almost every single resident of the isle.  In Europe, it's front-page news, and concerns the majority of Europeans.  Germans are shaking their head....this is something they would not expect in a civilized society.

There's a couple of interesting pieces to the story.  After killing the man, the two Muslim gentlemen walked around and were in some moment of "pride" (I don't know what else to describe this attitude).  Along came a British mother of two....Ingrid Loyau-Kennett.  She tried to offer aid to the fallen soldier, but came to realize that there wasn't much of anything she could do.

What the unarmed Ingrid Loyau-Kennett then did....would amaze most people.  She stood up, and walked to confront the two attackers.  They could have easily killed her.  But she confronted in some a mother would confront a bully harming a local kid on the street.

The two indicated that they wanted to attack the police when they arrived, and to start a war.

Ms Loyau-Kennett indicated in bold talk to the two....that just wasn't going to happen.  She wanted them to disarm, and just stand there waiting on the cops.

Then she said what you'd really want to hear....telling the two men in demanding a war...."You are going to lose. It is only you versus many".

When the cops arrived minutes later....they approached the two.  There was perhaps a moment of a threat, and the British cops shot both in the legs with just one simple warning apparently.  Both are alive but will be limping the rest of their life, I would imagine.

The bold lady?  When the mess had quieten down....she got back on the bus and went on with her business.

A fair portion of Europe would say that over the past couple of decades....British boldness has gone into hibernation.  There haven't been too many bold Brits walking around since 1945.  They've been dwindling in number and every year....a few more pass on.

So for a brief moment, in a flash, some sense of boldness stepped out of the shadows.    George Orwell put it correctly...."We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm".

As for bizarre Muslim attitude?

It might be finally time to send a one-word message....leave.

If you've arrived at these shores, in search of a better life and a chance at opportunity....we invite you to stay.

If you've arrived in our land, to find a second chance at real life....we invite you to stay.

If you were prosecuted in your homeland, and continually dreamed of a democracy....we invite you to stay.

If you felt challenged and no search of just better living standards....we invite you to stay.

But in the bold sense of our invitation, if you aren't part of the nation....if you have ranked your religion ahead of citizen responsibilities....if you really can't ease yourself into being part of society, then leave.  It is a simple message, either you represent the nation at large, or you need to return home and be part of that failed culture or society, and accept the trappings of what drove you to leave.

Leaving isn't an admittance of failure.  Leaving just means you ranked your priorities, and you just weren't going to be French, British, German or Dutch.  You were going to be forever...Muslim, and never having any attachment to the history or the life that people have spent over two thousand years building.

It shouldn't take you months or years to make this decision about leaving.  If your religion weighs heavily upon your mind....if you picture yourself in a constant battle against your neighbors....if you just can't accept the ways of this land, then you need to spend days and weeks adding up the priority, and plan your exit.

Leave.  Do yourself a favor and just find the right environment to feel comfortable....twenty-four hours a day.  If it's in Egypt or Nigeria or Saudi Arabia....fine.  Just leave and don't make this a long drawn out mess.

Over the past fifty odd years....a significant number of people have come to dislike their homeland, and found opportunity to leave.  They found a new land that met their needs.  They found economic freedom, a safe culture, and laws that were protecting one's rights.  For some odd reason, a number of these people brought anchors with them.  Whatever went wrong in their old country....they felt obliged to drag that along, and it'd help them accept the negatives of the new country.  Those people?  They probably should have stayed and just been happy where they were.

So my humble advice.....leave.  If you intend to stay and be a problem.....there might still be a few rough men, willing to go out and visit violence on those who want to bring harm to society.

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Henriette Sonntag said...

You are absolutely right. This is what I'm thinking in every case of terrorism. Just stay at home, in your culture, live as your religion tells you to live, but let the rest of the world in peace. I wish there would be more people to make that clear to all immigrants. It's the same thing with the Boston-bombers. Nobody forced them to leave this Russian Hinterland. But, with all the help and possibilities they obviously got in the US, it is not only a crime, but a real sin to kill the people which gave them a hand to start a new life. I hope Allah is going to tell that to all those guys when the arive in paradise