Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Little Monkey Story

You could just see this coming.

After the seizure of Justin Bieber's monkey at the airport....without proper papers to enter the country.....the little monkey (not Justin, just the actual monkey)....went off to a holding facility.

Naturally, there's costs involved, and for Justin to get the little guy back....he needs to pay up.

The amount?  The authorities are kinda quiet on that, but admit it's is definitely more than a thousand Euro.  Some news sources even put this between two and three thousand.  A bit excessive?  Yeah, but you can't really challenge this unless you went through the court system.  I doubt that Justin will ever pay this bill, and the German court will eventually try to tag the guy when he enters the country next time.

It doesn't appear that Justin will show up to take the monkey.  And it appears more likely that the little guy will end up in some zoo in the Munich area.

Sadly, this actually makes it into the top ten items for German entertainment least for one day, which shows the need for American entertainers to continually screw up while visiting Germany.

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