Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Number One Crowd

To set the scene....the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has a survey (poll) which consists of 26,000 worldly people.  We don't know the blend or make-up of this international group, but the questions are geared to come to the most popular culture in the world.

Winner?  Germany.  It replaces Japan at the top of the list.  Almost sixty percent of the folks polled....had a great liking to Germany.

The big loser?  Iran.  They scrapped the bottom of the barrel with fifteen percent of folks giving them a positive rating.  Frankly, I'm surprised how they found the fifteen percent....but maybe fifteen percent were Iranian citizens.

Who disliked Germans more?  Well....Greeks.  But it's best not to bring this up in a conversation with either Greeks or Germans.

I would imagine some executive assistant ran into Chancellor Merkel's office....laid down the news with pride and gusto....and Frau Merkel looked it over once or twice, then probably noted 'why wouldn't they rate us number one?'

Over the last decade, it's hard to find a single scandal in Germany.  It's hard to find any really negative economic news.  It's hard to find any human rights issues.  Other than Germans hiding their wealth, making bold scientific discoveries, tinkering with perfection as they look over their prized Audis, and sipping beers made with passion....there's just not too much to dislike.  At least a German would view it that way.

For the next twelve months....Germans will enjoy the title.  They might try to work it into travel ads.  They will have a Sunday night political talk show over this....I would imagine.  And life will go on.

And the 26,000?  Well.....eventually someone is going to ask how the BBC conducts this and get to a point where it's not considered as valid a survey as some would like.  That's the problem with surveys....they have to be rigged in some fashion, and you just have to accept that part.

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