Friday, June 7, 2013

A Bold New Turkish View

Over the last ten days.....if you've been around Europe, you've noticed troubles in Turkey.

The episode?  This started with some government position of taking a local track of park property, and making it commercial.  It's best to say that there weren't any meetings, public forums, or neighborhood discussions over this. The standard Turkish government mentality was just act, and don't worry about consequences.  It's been that way for a number of decades.

Well....the youth crowd took to media, and discussed it in open forums.  Things got heated.  Rocks got thrown.  Cops came out.  More anti-government chat started up.  More cops arrived.  Almost everyday's getting more tense.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan?  Well, he's pretty solid on saying the riots have to stop, and all this immature riot stuff isn't going to achieve anything.

Media reports are leaning toward Erodogan being on the negative side of perception.  With the 18-to-25 year old vote?  I doubt if he could clear five percent of the national vote right now.  The older voters?  They might be moving closer against him than for him.

When you step back to three decades ago....Turkey was mostly run by conservative political figures who had the military backing.  If things went too far to the left or right, there'd be a coup of sorts....the political tables flipped, and the military would stand up for bringing calm to the country.

There's this odd thing that occurred over the past decade.  The political folks found various apparatuses to remove military generals from the public leadership position.  Some were sent off to court cases.  Some were given some warning to just walk away.  There was going to be this bold new political change to Turkey....where they'd arrive in the modern era.  No more radical changes in government.

Well....the safety valve that always existed?  It's gone.  There's no military coup or change about to occur to reset the situation.

Erodogan?  If you gaze over at German and British press notices.....he's botched up the situation and needs to find some way of settling this quietly.  Arresting people won't work anymore.  Sending cops out to beat up folks....won't work.  Things might get kinda interesting here in another week.

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