Friday, June 28, 2013


There is this little German expression....which I came to grasp a few years ago in Germany.


It basically means going on a trip and arriving at a hotel or restaurant or site.....and you thought it would be three or four star.....and its one or two stars.

For example.....if you were hungry and ate at a place which looked decent enough from the a high tourist area.....and the food later came out....was'd be in a chicky-micky place.

Years ago, I stayed at a hotel in Starnberg.  It had great access to the train station....but I came to realize it was an awful hotel.  If I had thrown twenty Euro more into a better hotel.....I probably would have been happy.

So Germans have devised this little comment to express the real situation of tourism....chicky-micky.  When you hear a German utter it.....he or she is probably disgusted, and kicking themselves for being cheap.


Anonymous said...

I don't think this is true, sorry. :D
"Schicki-Micki" is rather a word for a place or person, which is indeed "good", stylish, etc. but also a bit snobby. So the word is usually negative in that way, but not always. Depends on what the beholder considers snobby. But anyway, you wouldn't call an "awful hotel" schickimicki, that's what I'm quite sure about. Hope I could help :)

Christine said...

*lol* This was funny to read. Sorry, agree with the previous post. "Schicki-Micki" doesn't mean place or person in a bad condition. It means "good" but "snobby". Just like the previous post explained. ;-)

Anonymous said...

i have to agree Schicki-Micki is nice but maybe a bit stuck up

A. v. Gimbut said...

I grew up in Hamburg in the Schanzenviertel that was just badly damaged during G20. To me it is a Hamburg Kiez term for a pompous, sine-nobile (snob), want-to-be who may be all dressed up (probably excessively so) with no substance or honor though.
This may be a reason you find chicy nicki below par in the big picture.
>>>I may be making this up as I go<<<