Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scripted Response on Fracking

As most folks probably expected....the Merkel administration came out with a 'wait-and-see' response on fracking.  The public and media perception was going in a certain direction, and I doubt that the Chancellor or the CDU felt it was the best time to pursue any fracking changes.

What occurs now?  The community who was behind the fracking trend.....will reorganize and simply wait this out.

The key?  Gas prices.  Over the last decade....prices have continued a trend....upward.

So at some point, it will happen that folks reach a point of hostility, and accept fracking more than hate it.

All of this leads to a historical point of view.  In 1942....if Hitler's team had come to some brilliant discovery of fracking and found all the oil they needed....deep under German soil....the war would have been carried out in a totally different way.  Luckily, science and fracking needed another sixty years to reach the stage of making it possible.

I would offer this advice.  The next time you want to take the fracking concept and move it forward....the German government needs to find one guy who is an absolute expert on the subject....a scientist with public forum experience....and just toss this guy to the "wolves".  Put him on TV....let him take on the people who counter fracking, and give the public a dose of reality and science.  Just citing some Hollywood movie.....can't be enough to counter fracking.

So the wait is on.

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