Friday, July 19, 2013

A Humble Suggestion

I spent most of the morning in Wiesbaden....walking down through the middle of the shopping district.  It'd been a number of years since I'd done that.

What I came to notice after a while.....a fair number of Muslim ladies.  I won't say thousands or hundreds, but I would use "dozens".

I've come to have this humble opinion about Muslims in Germany.  For a Muslim's awful tough to survive and be a true Muslim guy in Germany.

There's all these boobs, butts and legs being shown in public.

There's German gals with tattoos on various public parts of the body.

There's all these German women in public areas.....smoking and guzzling wine and beer.

There's German women with the barest of cloth to shield their physical attributes from sight.

Then you have all these German women who appear on on women's rights, demand management jobs, and talk of equal pay or equal benefits.

It's not a pleasant situation for Islamic men to be in.  Every single day in Germany.....has to be a ton of torture and very demanding to stay on the straight and narrow path to being a true Muslim.

I've come to this idea or concept.  As aggravated as Germans get over the introduction of Muslims into Germany.....they generally grit their teeth and just try to continue on.....with that tough German dedication that they are always famous for.  They'd like to say something, and they'd like to confront the politicians with honest opinion.....but they generally hold back.

So, let's simply turn German women loose, and double up on the pain and torture to Islamic men.  More boobs, more leg, less clothing.  Put every single female rights talker on TV and let them have a full hour each night.  Go my philosophy.

It'll take a year or so.....but eventually.....there's going to be frank talks within the Islamic community that the guys just can't handle the frustrations of living in Germany.  The German female situation is killing them deep inside.

I admit, it's probably a radical concept and the media will condemn it.....but most German guys will just stand there and grin.  Frustrate the heck out of folks and they end packing for Libya, Egypt, Turkey, or such.

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Tiara said...

This is gorgeous!