Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The German Poster: Last Chance

The poster started to appear over the last week in Germany.....Operation Last Chance.

Basically, the hunt is on....ever so late....for more bad Nazis.

They've decided to offer up 25,000 Euro as a reward, to catch more of the bad guys.

So here we are....2013, almost seventy years after the war.  Even if you were 20 in 1945 and in charge of something (highly unlikely at age 20)'d be approaching age 90.

War crimes?  For most Germans today?  It's a wasted effort.  I doubt if you could interest more than 10,000 out of the eighty million in such a cause.  The war, as far as the real German public is over.  The posters are just some last bit of pump and glory for the Nazi-hunters.

In the 1960s and 1970s....the hunters were in their glory period and probably did some great detective work.  But we are almost seventy years past the end of World War II, and public sentiment is mostly all gone for this action.

How many bad guys might still exist and live today?  Against the odds....I'd take a humble guess at twenty.  Some folks might think hundreds, but age is killing off these guys almost weekly.

The poster is mostly theater in nature.  Some commentators will spend five minutes talking up the project, and the serious nature of it.  But at the other end of the TV spectrum.....Huns, Martin, and Claudia are sitting there and using their fingers to figure the decades involved.  Then they start having a laugh because most everyone they know who were in their 20's or older in 1945.....are dead.  They can't take it serious.

So it goes.....seventy years later.  And 2023?  Might we have yet another more last extra chance?  Well....yeah.  Heck, there might even be a poster in 2033.

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